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The Divine Feminine exhibition at Cowry Art Studio celebrates Women's History Month through the artworks of 5 female artists from South Florida. 


North Miami, FL, March 2021 - Cowry Art Studio is pleased to present The Divine Feminine exhibition in which 5 South Florida based women artists reflect on the deep meaning of their female ancestral, inherited wisdom, while projecting and applying it to the current high-tech controlled global society. The Divine feminine, embodied by the goddess of love, fertility, seasons and war, has transcended centuries and continents, implanting her mythological narrative through oral or written traditions, in successive syncretisms: from the Venus of Willendorf (Neanderthal) to the Ishtar of the Sumerians, the epic of Gilgamesh, the sacred scriptures, or the sequel to Greco-Roman goddesses, and their equivalents in the most diverse cultures on the planet. For millennia, femininity was embraced by humanity as a quality that transcended sexual gender, but religious and social taboos displaced women and their attributes to a subordinate role, which has begun to be corrected in our time, at the gates of the Age of Aquarius.

Artists Pip Brant, Giannina Dwin, TD Gillispie, Tiffany Madera, and Natasha Perdomo approach these themes from their personal perspective, diverse media, and aesthetic concept which includes print, textile art, photography, video, oil, acrylic painting and collage on canvas. The exhibition will run from March 8 to April 8, 2021, at Cowry Art Studio, North Miami. For in person visits, make appointment through

Pip Brant

Ghost Forest, 2013, Fiber, Dyer 19¾" X 19¾"

Queen Bee, 2013, Fiber, Dyer 19¾" X 19¾"

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Giannina Dwin

Photo print on Metallic paper, mounted on Plexiglas.  

Original image created with Sugar / Chili Powder.

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TD Gillispie

Combat Cupie, oil / canvas, 26" x 74"

TD Gillispie, Cowry Art Studio
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Tiffany Madera

Dancing My Mother's Body: A path to healing, Film by Tiffany Madera with Omni Kizzy Productions. (2019)

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Natasha Perdomo

2020-21, "High hopes" No landscape is permanent Series, acrylic, soft pastel and collage / canvas, 12" x 16"

Natasha Perdomo Cowry Art Studio.jpg
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