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Flying Dreams Natasha perdomo art

Welcome to
Cowry Art StuDio

Cowry Art Studio's virtual space, promoting and selling the artworks of Rafael López Ramos and Natasha Perdomo, an artists couple who have been living and creating together for over 24 years. Cowry Art Studio invites you to visit our virtual gallery from the comfort and safety of your home, Located a few blocks from the North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, both artists are creating and promoting their artworks within an amazing energy generated right in the middle of a new developed area, which is blooming in several artistic events promoted by North Miami City.

International Art Fairs, like Art Basel, Art Miami, Context, Red Dot, Pinta, and Wynwood; have put the Miami art scene on the spotlight, by presenting artists from around the world and commercial galleries. Cowry Art Studio is an Independent Art Space.


Cowry Art Studio


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